Using Summit Zero Hostel as a base there are many areas of interest to visit and places to go sightseeing. We can arrange day trips tailor-made for you or simply advise you and offer any information you may need. The main places of interest, along with some brief details, are listed below:


Take advantage of your close proximity to Greece’s second largest city and make a day trip. The city, which is built on the seafront, is steeped in history (the old town, archaeological sites and museums), is great for shopping, is full of tavernas, cafes and lively all night bars, and has plenty of character with the old open market and ouzeries full of colour.


Situated approx. 4km from Summit Zero, the ancient, sacred site of Dion is well worth a visit. The Macedonians used to gather there to pay their respects to the 12 Gods by offering sacrifices. There is a museum, a mosaic centre and an archaeological site chronicling the history of Dion which dates back to the 4th century BC. Wander among the excavated remains of the ancient holy city which once housed a theater, a stadium for the Olympic Games and a temple dedicated to Zeus. The name Dion is derived from Dios, the genitive form of Zeus, leader of the 12 Gods who dwelt on Olympus. Alexander the Great made offerings in Dion before setting out on his Persian expedition.

Agios Panteleimonas

This beautiful, quaint village up on the mountain-side was once abandoned when it was destroyed by a landslide. It has now been mostly restored to a very picturesque and popular tourist spot using the old stone and traditional architecture. Its only about half an hour away with a wonderful, little square adorned by a couple of cafes, shops and tavernas. There is a huge, ancient maple tree as its centerpiece and vines running wild. The views of the sea and surrounding areas are breathtaking. You can also visit the environmental centre and learn more about the local flora and fauna.


Less than an hour from our hostel, you can visit the now internationally famous town of Vergina. A number of hills found in and around the area of Vergina were used as burial sites for the kings of Macedon, including Philip II, father of Alexander the Great. Although the identification of Philip II as one of the kings buried there has been disputed, the claims are very strong and there is no doubt that the site is of great archaeological importance, and it is also listed as a World Heritage Site. It is also claimed that Alexander the Great’s son was buried there. A museum has been created inside the Great Tumulus – the name of the particular hill housing their tombs. You can also wander around remains of the Macedonian royal city and palace which were also discovered and excavated.

Castle of Platamonas

This famous Byzantine castle, overlooking the sea, dates back to the 6th century. It has been controlled and conquered in both the Franc and Turkish occupations. Being only a short trip from Summit Zero, it makes for an interesting excursion.


Located between Mount Olympus and Mount Ossa, and of great strategic importance in ancient times (running alongside the main north-south roadways), Tembi valley is traversed by the Pinios River. It is noted for its rugged scenery and its beauty has been celebrated by ancient poets. It is a great place for rock-climbing and water activities, or simply a stroll, a cruise on the river boat and/or a visit to the monastery of Agia Paraskevi.


During the winter months the ski centre of Elatohori, with its three pistes, is a mere 50kms away. We can arrange your transport there, as well as to other ski centres, which are slightly further.

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